Hydrofarm EMSYST Emily's Garden System
Hydrofarm EMSYST Emily's Garden SystemHydrofarm EMSYST Emily's Garden System

Hydrofarm EMSYST Emily’s Garden System


(as of 06/24/2019 at 15:04 UTC)

Product Description

Product Description
Hydrofarm hydroponic systems have been a consumer favorite for over 25 years. We offer simple, easy to use, garden systems which will give you a tremendous harvest of vegetables, flowers, or herbs -- faster than you ever thought possible. This 16" x 24" x 6" garden with six individual planters allows you to rotate or add new plants as you please. It will fit just about anywhere -- on a bench, a shelf, table or out on the patio.

Raising your own plants is more fun than ever with Hydrofarm's hydroponic kits. Emily's Garden comes with Geolite Growing Medium, a lightweight, pH-neutral clay aggregate that captures just the right amount of moisture. Also, you can give your hydrogarden all the vitamins and nutrients it needs with the all-purpose nutrient solution that's included. Just mix 1 teaspoon with a gallon of water before initially filling or topping off the water supply. The kit also includes a formed cover that allows for six separate planters, a pump/irrigation system, and a handy-dandy dipstick that stays on top of the water level. Remember, hydroponically grown plants need the same amount of light plants grown in soil, so an adequate light source is still essential. --Eli Huntington


  • Not sold in ID
  • Hydroponic garden system with 6 planters, seed starter cubes, Geolite growing medium
  • Large 2-gallon reservoir and pump irrigation system for easier watering
  • Six 6- by 6- by 7-inch planters with growing medium for optimal plant development
  • Geolite growing medium, rather than soil, for 5 times faster cultivation
  • Includes instructions, air pump, tubing, formed cover, pH test kit, water level indicator


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