Hydrofarm Bucket, 3-Gallon, Black

Hydrofarm Bucket, 3-Gallon, Black


(as of 06/27/2019 at 15:34 UTC)

Product Description

Buckets can be the true building blocks of your indoor hydroponics setup or outdoor garden. They're an ideal way to transport media, water, and other nutrients, as well as a collection receptacle for all your other accessories. The Hydrofarm black bucket fades into the background when you need it to, but is also ready and waiting to give you an assist when most needed. From its sturdy construction to its strong carry handle, you'll find many reasons to tote this bucket -- available in multiple sizes -- inside and out.


  • Great for containing and transporting liquids and solids
  • Ideal for building your own hydroponic system
  • Use as a reservoir in simple hydroponic systems
  • Steel carrying handle with ergonomic grip


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